Mission to the Cities is the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s five-year emphasis on sharing Jesus’ love and the hope of His soon return with people in some of world’s largest cities. Starting with New York City in 2013, Mission to the Cities is a wholistic approach to sharing the gospel in urban settings. In 2014, each world division will focus on a city in their territory. Each Union will focus on a city in their region in 2015. Outreach activities will be as varied as the characters of each city with everything from Life Hope Centers, community events, seminars, small groups, and reaping campaigns. Please pray for mission to the cities and check back here to find resources and the latest information about Mission to the Cities.

Using Christ's method to reach the cities, a comprehensive approach to urban evangelism.

News and Updates

Simply Missions, Manila Philippines

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Thousands Line Up in California for $5.2 Million in Free Adventist Healthcare

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Friendship Evangelism: Is there any other kind?

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East Zimbabwe Conference

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